I started Cup My Cakez at 14 years old, making it an official business at the age of 18. Fourteen+ years later in this business I still aim to break away from the other alternative products on the market which I often find overly sweet, dry, crumbly, gummy, dense, bean-flavored, artificial filled and sloppy looking. I worked hard to develop a product line that is so similar to the real deal you wouldn't feel like you were missing out, continually fine tuning my recipes with my growing market and maturing palette. With an education background in both culinary arts and fine arts, I beautifully decorate your baked goods in trendy or original artistic ways all while making them taste delicious and “normal”. My products are not only great for vegans and food allergy sufferers, but also for those just looking for good quality high-end products. All recipes are my own and my kitchen + equipment is dedicated gluten free + vegan making it the safest choice for folks fearful of cross contamination. 




My homemade spin on chocolate Oreo wafer cookies! Sure, I can find a similar pre-made product on the shelves for my convenience but those contain soy, are made on equipment shared with allergens (most even say "may contain dairy and eggs"!!!) and well, I simply don't like compromise so I opted to make them myself.  I use unbleached sugar, fair-trade cocoa and don't use any preservatives or soy. Not for individual sandwich sale, but can be found in all of my Cookies & Cream flavored items. Gluten free, Vegan, Nut Free


Gluten Free Flour


Gluten Free flours seem to be popping up in stores everywhere these days, but I have never found any to be a one-flour-bakes all mix. I make my own to control texture (oftentimes GF flours are too gritty or gummy so mine is finer yielding fluffier products) and also I like that I can control ingredients in general, even offering a corn-free flour for some menu items! 





GF flour




Natural Food Colors


Made from plants extracts, natural minerals and spices. Full of antioxidants and natural beauty, I put in the extra effort to provide safe colorants in my products. 

* items are produced in a kitchen that uses tree nuts. I do not use peanut products.