Standard Designs

Everything is Gluten Free, Vegan (dairy, lactose, casein, egg and cholesterol free) and naturally dyed (nothing artificial). My standard cake designs are three layers tall per tier but are commonly custom made into four layers tall per tier. The following are starting prices for my standard designs only. Price will increase for accommodating add-ons (like a message plaque, custom design or to accommodate additional dietary restrictions). I suggest cutting slices thinner, about an inch in width, as my use of real, quality ingredients lends a fuller flavor and my cakes are tall not short. If you still prefer wider slices, then you will likely have to buy a cake size up. 

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Want a Custom Message?

Choose either my standard message plaques "Happy Birthday", "Happy Anniversary", "Congratulations" or "Feel Better" or choose my custom message plaques for longer or more specific messages and let me know what you'd like it to say. Custom colored rim ( Choose: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, silver, gold or copper) or adding gold or silver leaf to the edges is available for $2 more on either plaque. Writing is always in black. Fondant plaques are made from scratch using natural ingredients only no soy, gluten, trans fats, corn syrup or artificial colors or flavors; they are edible sugar discs,

Popular Requested Designs

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Some popular designs and their pricing info. are shown in the images below. I can also make custom design which varies in price as they are based off of how many supplies and how many hours worth of labor will be needed to complete the desired look. Feel free to describe any custom designs in the "other details" section of your cake order form and together we will go from there. Custom designs are subject to my creative licensing.