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If any part of your order requires customizations, you can submit an inquiry by filling out the form below in its entirety. If your order does not need customizations, then please click here to order instead. No submission is guaranteed and is only confirmed by Cup My Cakez once payment is received.



Good to know:


Designs are subject to my creative licensing with no two designs looking *exactly* alike.

Don’t see something you used to?I have updated my menu offerings so now what you see listed is what we offer. We kindly + understandably no longer accept requests for menu changes and substitutions - no exceptions.

Food dyes used are all natural so they may appear lighter in color than artificial colors and can vary season to season. I do not color match due to the nature of this medium. But know that if you ask for blue frosting, for example, we will give you a noticeably blue shade of frosting. The only exception to this is the sprinkles in our Funfetti (Bad Girl Spri-Spri) cake flavors do contain artificial colors.

Payment: depending on the order, a deposit or a full payment will be required prior to receiving your item. There is no refund once this is paid, although depending on the situation we may honor any paid amount to another order with us within the same calendar year.

Orders must be picked up on the date and time you select by you or someone picking up for you. Treat picking up your orders as you would any other appointment. My schedule and my other clients’ schedules rely on everyone showing up on time so please understand and respect that! COMMUNICATE WELL IN ADVANCE OF ANY CHANGES. No holds, no refunds, no exceptions.

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Preferred Pick Up Date
Currently accepting pick ups only from us in North Hollywood. We suggest consuming our products same day or within 24 hours when stored properly. We are closed Sundays so arrange to pick up day before.
We are a 100% vegan & gluten free kitchen. We do not use peanut products (but some ingredients may be manufactured in separate facilities that use peanuts). We use treenuts, soy, corn & more ingredients that you may be sensitive to. We will leave these ingredients out of our recipes for you if requested (when possible), but this is our disclaimer to you: use YOUR best judgement whether to consume our products or not as we will not be held liable.
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Please note the clearly stated increments each item is sold in as they vary from item to item. There is no individual sale or custom quantities available at this time. You can verify your quantities by listing them all in section below.
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Cupcakes are sold one flavor per dozen. So every flavor you select will count as one dozen of that flavor.
write this exactly how you would like it on the message plaque. Names or short messages (3 words or less) fit best. Type N/A if you're not getting a message plaque.
If getting a cake, select your cake customizations: *
Simple custom design & Detailed custom design are DIFFERENT options. Choose one or the other, do not select both!
keeping your frosting color normal (as-is) or white has no added charge. Custom colored frosting starts at $5 and increases according to design desired & cake size.
For example: one tiny cake, two dozen cupcakes (one dozen vanilla bean & one dozen red velvet), one tray of s'mores brownies cut into 24 bite size pieces.
Type n/a if not applicable to you. As clearly stated above, all custom add-ons, decorations (simple or detailed), frosting color changes and messages will cost extra and will be quoted to you upon our reply to your inquiry.