Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: ALL ORDERS ARE PLACED AND CONFIRMED ONLINE ONLY following your submission of an order form inquiry. Understandably, all emails and inquiries are replied to in the fair order in which they are received.  It can take around a week or more to receive our reply and this is why we suggest inquiring at least two-four weeks in advance for most orders (large orders, weddings, and custom decorated orders require more notice). We rarely return emails Thursday-Sunday due to being very busy in the kitchen baking weekend orders instead. For any urgent matters regarding your placed order either the day before or day of delivery, please contact the number provided when your order was confirmed.


Q: How much notice should I give to place my order?

A: The more the merrier, at least two weeks or more is preferred. Weekends book up quickly, weekdays are more flexible. Weddings of any size require at least three months notice. These are 'ideal' time frames so if you just found me and are desperate for gluten free vegan deliciousness it doesn't hurt to reach out and check my availability! There is always a chance I have a last minute opening due to clients rescheduling : )


Q: What is the shelf life and storage of your products?

A: Since we don't use any preservatives, it is best to consume our items within 24 for best flavor and texture  (especially cakes and  cupcakes), brownies and cookies last much longer around one week refrigerated. Any leftover can be wrapped in several layers of airtight plastic wrap and frozen if you want longer storage.


Q: I'm Vegan, what is safe for me to buy/consume?



Q: I'm allergic to Dairy / Lactose / Casein / Eggs , what is safe for me to buy / consume?

A: EVERYTHING. Go wild. 


Q: I'm celiac (allergy to wheat gluten/rye/barley/oats), what is safe for me to buy / consume?

A: EVERYTHING with the exception that Gluten Free Oats are obviously used in our Oatmeal Cookies, so if you're allergic to oats aside from gluten, then please steer clear of those. Then go wild.


Q: I have multiple dietary restrictions. Can you make my dessert dreams come true?!

A: Maybe! The best way to find out is to ask. If we process something in our kitchen you are allergic to, we can make sure to leave it out of your order but please know that we can not 100% eliminate the ingredients from our facility therefore we cannot be held responsible for a possible reaction. Please use your best judgment before ordering or consuming.


Q: Do you do weddings and similar large special events?

A: YES! Please fill out a wedding order form ASAP to check my availability and ensure your date gets properly booked. In our emailing, we will discuss further details (the date saving fee, the cake tasting, deposits, stand rentals, design ideas, servings needed, pricing, delivery, set up etc.).


Q: What about gratuity?  

A: As with any food service, gratuity is ALWAYS appreciated.  I am a small business operated and funded solely by myself so if you appreciate my products  gratuity is a much appreciated way to show it!  If not, I wont hold it against you, but I would love and appreciate your 5 star reviews on my Yelp and Facebook page to help other people learn about my services!


Q: If I see a cake I like can I send it to you and have you replicate it for me?

A:  Yes and no; although I encourage you to know a direction for your cake, I will not copy another person's work.  All designs are subject to Cup My Cakez's creative license and you accept this fact when you place your order. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more on this.


Q: Can my business carry your products or have you re-invent some of our recipes to be safe for Vegan and Gluten Free customers?

A:  I offer Menu restructuring services and may offer wholesale on limited products again soon. Please email me to discuss details on how that works.


Q: I really love your products but am moving or have an out of town/state/country wedding. Do you travel or work on location?

A: Absolutely! I love traveling to be a part of your big day. Please email me and we can discuss those options.


Q: I'm super famous and kind of a big deal, can I have everything for free if I post about it? 

A: Quick answer is, nope! Long answer is I always appreciate when folks make positive posts about my products, but I never put pressure on my clients to do so. I am so grateful at the amount of posts I am freely tagged in, and I notice that they always come from the kindness in my client's hearts and their enthusiasm about my products; not their expectation of free products in return. Next up, I do not measure any human as superior to another based on how many Instagram followers they may or may not have. Don't get me wrong, I am proud of any person who succeeds in their profession of life, but I am baffled by the amount of  people who can technically afford whatever they want feel so entitled to receive free goods from a small business. 


Q: You seem to book up quick and I couldn't get a cake from you this time around, any chance in expanding or hiring workers in the near future?

A: I am so sorry for anyone I have to turn away due to my being already booked! It does break my heart to not be physically able to say yes to everyone that contacts me. However yes, I will eventually be expanding and hiring. This is a long and expensive process especially since I am ENTIRELY self funded (not receiving money from mummy and daddy or a rich husband / I'm hesitant to hold a fundraising campaign). I understandably must approach this next chapter gracefully and realistically, regardless if my demand is high. Food businesses, especially in California, are the hardest business type to start and to sustain. Now tack on my high overhead with organic, gluten free and vegan ingredients plus my long hours of high-end decorating labor I face that much more difficulty in expanding. I am not looking to mass produce or take over the world. In my mind, quality over quantity, so please be patient as good things are coming : )



Flour: Homemade blend of gluten free whole grains, low starch, and sourced non-GMO and unbleached. No oat, barley or rye flour.

Sweeteners: Evaporated cane juice sourced organic, vegan (no bone char),  non-GMO, unbleached,  non-chlorinated.

Produce: sourced seasonally and organic. Some menu items are subject to produce availability and may require a last minute change to accommodate.

Chocolate: Sourced Fair-Trade 

Oils & Fats:   Sourced certified sustainable and ethically, nonGMO, with NO trans fats and NO cholesterol---yay!

Food Dyes: Homemade naturally from antioxidant rich plant (fruit, vegetable, spice, herb) extracts and minerals.

Rainbow Sprinkles: Homemade using our plant extract food dyes with no weird waxes, glazes or trans fats. Our funfetti (Bad Girl SpriSpri) cake flavor does however use junk food sprinkles that contain all these bad ingredients - this is the only flavor that isn't natural.

Fondant: Homemade without artificial ingredients, strange chemicals, hydrogenated oils, soy, animal products or preservatives and used to decorate your custom cakes, cookies and more. 

Nuts: We do not use anything with Peanuts in our kitchen or on our equipment and try our best to source peanut-free facilities for our ingredients when we can. We do use Coconut and Treenuts in our kitchen and although we are well-trained, we suggest those with extreme Nut Allergies to consume our products at their own discretion or not at all. 

Soy: marshmallows and white chocolate contain non-GMO soy

Corn Syrup:  We don't touch the stuff.

Low Sugar Options: I do not offer SUGAR FREE. I do offer some Cane Sugar free/ Lower Sugar items. Please fill out an order form in the category you'd like something in specifying you are interested in something lower sugar and I will let you know if a cane sugar free option is available in that category.