Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: Orders must be placed on this website only. Please note I DO NOT accept personal calls, texts, emails and social media private messages as a form of ordering. Even if you are a repeat client, friend or family member I will no longer have an open cell and direct email line. Please know my average inquiry/email reply timeframe might be around a week, one of many reasons I ask you to submit your orders around a month in advance so we both have plenty of time. I can only spend a few hours a day to sift through lots of emails, in between running all the other aspects of the actual business by myself. I also reply to inquiries in the fair order that I received them. It is rare that I am able to reply to  folks same or next day so please don't expect one (but yay if I can reply that soon!). Thank you!


Q: How do I place my order?

A: Orders will reopen February 1st 2018 on this website ONLY. When they do, go to the "Order" page and fill out the form to begin the ordering process. Please note I DO NOT accept personal calls, texts, emails and social media private messages as a form of ordering. Even if you are a repeat client, friend or family member! It just gets unorganized which is bad for both of us so please just fill out the order form like everyone else.  I tend to book quickly, weekends especially, so the earliest you can think of inquiring the better!


Q: Where are you?

A: Good question:  I do not have a storefront yet so pick ups happen at my private work studio. This February-May it looks like I will be in North Hollywood then I plan to be back in Echo Park / Silver Lake soon after. I will always be LA county based and my exact location in which you will pick up your order will be shared with you at the time of your order confirmation. I only offer delivery for local large cakes and orders. Delivery ranges vary, discuss your options during the orderings process. I DO NOT SHIP ITEMS! SEE BELOW.


Q: Do you ship any items?

A: Currently I only ship some decorated sugar cookies within the U.S. only.  Preferably I need two months advance notice and make sure you state they need to be shipped on your sugar cookie order form. Delivery dates will be approximate, I don't guarantee any arrival dates. Shipping costs vary depending on weight and size of order. 


Q: (or rather statement) I expect the service and experience of a normal walk-in bakery.

A: Please don't. It's 2018 and small businesses are run differently now-a-days. I am just one person who is growing with a hobby-gone-full blown business! In the current saturated market of Gluten Free Vegan foods, I know my product stands out in a good way and I simply LOVE what I do and who I work for. With that said, I need to stick to my system in order to maintain high-quality products and keep my health strong so I can keep doing this for many more years to come. I've already been doing this for about ten years and I have burnt out too many times trying to run my business the way others think I need to run it. So now I'm applying what I've learned and I'm going with my gut feelings. I chose to be online/email based with ordering so that I can personally talk to each and every one of you, helping me make your orders more special in the long run. Yes, unfortunately this also means my replies may not be immediate as I'm not glued to my phone, and yes I will book up which forces me to decline some orders (I can only do so much work each day!). Working in made-to-order smaller batches also helps me waste less which is rare in the food industry. Sure, I may not be able to provide certain aspects of having a walk-in bakery like accommodating same-day orders or selling just one cupcake. But what I can provide you is a superior edible art product made from scratch in an all natural, allergen friendly & vegan kitchen. Plus, I'll serve it up to you with a genuine smile!  I do have plans to open a storefront café, and when the stars align it will happen!


Q: Ahh darn, you booked up before I could inquire; any chance I can get some goodies from you somewhere last minute?

A: I'm so sorry if I already booked up before you reached out! If only there was more time in a day...but alas I am only one human  so I understandably must stop working at some point to do normal human things like drink water, sleep, you know. Follow my Instagram @cupmycakez to stay updated on any sales or festivals I may be selling at and maybe you'll get lucky with timing and can swing by to grab some goodies from me at those!


Q: Why don't you just hire employees?

A: One word: California. Everything you've heard about it being overly regulated, expensive, strict and therefor small business un-friendly is true. I have big dreams of expanding and am excited to share ALL the yummy food (not just rad sweets!) with you guys, but until I am truly able to do so I'm going to keep it mostly a manageable one-woman show over here.  I'm always interested in part-time interns though! Inquire cupmycakez@gmail.com


Q: What is the shelf life and storage of your products?

A: Since we don't use any preservatives, it is best to consume our items within 24 hours for best flavor and texture  (especially cakes, cupcakes and fruity items); brownies and cookies last much longer around one week refrigerated. Almost any item can be wrapped in several layers of airtight plastic wrap and frozen within 24 hours of retrieval if you want longer storage. People often order in advance and freeze their order until serving. This is a wonderful way parents can ensure their allergic child is covered on days of school functions or parties - simply take out and thaw a single treat for them to bring and safely enjoy!



Q: I've noticed a slight increase/decrease in your prices, what determines these fluctuations?

A: Most items have had slight price increases due to the recent rise in vanilla prices. A bottle that used to cost me $8, now costs me $36!!! I understandably have to raise my prices to compensate for the overhead increase as this helps me continue to use the best real ingredients possible instead of switching to artificial cheap ingredients. Prices will always be subject to fluctuations  in the food industry as no ingredients will ever remain consistent. 


Q: I'm Vegan, what is safe for me to buy/consume?



Q: I'm allergic to Dairy / Lactose / Casein / Eggs / Animals being wrongfully exploited for human profit; what is safe for me to buy / consume?

A: EVERYTHING. Go wild. 


Q: I'm celiac (allergy to wheat gluten/rye/barley/oats), what is safe for me to buy / consume?

A: EVERYTHING with the exception that Gluten Free Oats are obviously used in our Oatmeal Cookies, so if you're allergic to oats aside from gluten, then please steer clear of those. Then go wild.


Q: I have multiple dietary restrictions. Can you make my dessert dreams come true?!

A: Maybe! The best way to find out is to ask. 


Q: I love gluten, peanuts and animal stuff, can you make an exception for my order?

A: Nope! I keep my equipment and kitchen 100% free of these ingredients to avoid cross contamination for the safety of my clients who do have serious food allergies or who seek products from a vegan-friendly business.


Q: Sup with payment?

A: For orders under $150 you must pay in full prior to retrieval to secure your order (half your total acts as a deposit in the case of cancellations or rescheduling). For orders exceeding $150 a deposit will be required to secure your order and must be submitted within the allotted time frame to be honored. Remaining balance may be due prior to or upon retrieval.  See below for cancellations and rescheduling info.


Q: What happens if I need to cancel?

A: Life happens, I get that! I will try my best to work with you. Cancellations must be made in writing and have my written response acknowledging said cancellation 31 days or more in advance of date needed to qualify for a refund.  Cancellations made less than 31 days in advance of date-needed will forfeit deposit. Cancellation made less than 14 days in advance will forfeit all paid. If you do not wish to cancel but simply need to reschedule your date then I will try my best to work with you. As long as I have your new rescheduled date available you can apply your deposit or balance paid as credit towards a later date within the same calendar year (so within 2018). If we can't work out a rescheduled date then the above cancellation rules apply. 


Q: I want you to make me something intricate and custom that will take you hours to decorate, be organic/vegan/gluten free/soy free/nut free/artificial free/homemade/seasonal/etc. etc. etc. that somehow also TASTES GOOD- but I don't want you to charge me more than $20.

A: Honestly I don't run into this type of person often THANK GOD but here's a lil inside scoop: y'all understand the concept of business overhead for supplies and the legal requirement to pay a living wage, correct? Well my supply overhead is about 10X as much as the average bakery or grocery store (who uses cheap ingredients that are toxic and pre-made) because I source ethically, organically and seasonally plus I make all my shit from scratch including my Sprinkles and my Gluten Free Flour. Oh, and I pay myself MINIMUM WAGE so, my prices are technically a bargain for what you get. And sometimes I even throw in extras for nice people when I can so it's chill to be chill. Or by all means live your life and go to _____ for cheap products for a cheap price, I really don't mind. 


Q: What about gratuity (tips)?  

A: As with any food service, gratuity is ALWAYS appreciated.  I am a small business operated and funded solely by myself and the support of my clients (no mummy/daddy or rich husband fund here) so if you appreciate my products then  $ gratuity is a much appreciated way to show it!  If not, I wont hold it against you like most other businesses will because another form of gratuity in my eyes is FREE! Simply spread the love! I would appreciate your 5 star reviews on my Yelp and Facebook page to help other people learn about my services! 


Q: If I see a cake I like can I send it to you and have you replicate it for me?

A:  Yes and no; although I encourage you to know a direction for your cake, I will not copy another person's work.  All designs are subject to Cup My Cakez's interpretation and creative license. You accept this fact when you place your order. 


Q: Do you offer stand rentals and dessert table decorations?

A: Indeed! I have a bunch of beautiful stands, plates and other display accessories perfect for a variety of themes and occasions. Click here to see what I have photos of but I do have more so feel free to ask!


Q: Can my business carry your products?

A:  As of October 2017 I am stopping my wholesale offerings. I might pick back up in 2018 so check back here periodically. 


Q: I really love your products but am moving or have an out of town/state/country wedding. Do you travel or work on location?

A: Absolutely! I love traveling to be a part of your big day. Please email me and we can discuss those options.


Q: I'm super famous and kind of a big deal, can I have everything for free or super discounted? Aw, but what if I post about it?! 

A: This is a very sticky topic and the quick answer is, nope! Long answer is I  never put pressure on my clients to make positive posts about my products, but I always appreciate when folks do! I am so grateful at the amount of posts I am freely tagged in, and I notice that they always come from the kindness in my client's hearts and their enthusiasm about my products; not their expectation of free products in return. Next up, I do not measure any human as superior to another based on how many  followers or fans they may or may not have. The majority of my clients are individuals, couples and young families who work several jobs just to get by so I don't think it's fair to charge them my going rate and then turn around and not charge my going rate to someone who's income is assumably far larger. At the end of the day I am baffled by the amount of  people who feel so entitled to receive free goods from small businesses, and I know by years of experience that saying yes to 'trades of product for posts' doesn't necessarily positively effect my business. Just because X amount of people may see or like a photo of my products on your page it doesn't guarantee my business will benefit. In fact, my business may lose because the time it takes me to make your free product I will likely have to turn down other paying order requests that day because I do not have time to do both. I have however, had wonderful exposure given to me from local makers, influencers and "famous" people along my journey and I don't want to discredit those opportunities blessed upon me. I am just thankful they respected  + understood my position and paid for / posted about their orders.  It might be a great deal for another company, but it isn't for mine.  #getoffyourhighhorse #shopsmall #shoplocal #supportsmallbusinesses 


Q: Do you make donations?

A: I love giving back to my community when I can! I am only capable of making a few donations each calendar year so I hand select when and to whom I donate to. 




Flour: Homemade blend of gluten free whole grains, low starch, and sourced non-GMO and unbleached. No wheat, gluten, oat, barley or rye flour. Certified Gluten Free oats are used in oat-labeled products.

Sweeteners: Evaporated cane juice sourced organic, vegan (no bone char),  non-GMO, unbleached,  non-chlorinated, real maple syrup, brown rice syrup, tapioca syrup, stevia, corn-free xylitol, monk fruit, and coconut sugar

Produce: sourced seasonally and organic. Some menu items are subject to produce availability and may require a last minute change to accommodate.

Chocolate: Sourced Fair-Trade and mostly soy free

Oils & Fats:   Sourced certified sustainable and ethically, nonGMO, with NO trans fats and NO cholesterol---yay!

Food Dyes: Homemade naturally from antioxidant rich plant (fruit, vegetable, spice, herb) extracts and minerals.

Rainbow Sprinkles: Homemade using our plant extract food dyes with no weird waxes, glazes or trans fats. Our funfetti (Bad Girl SpriSpri) cake flavor does however use junk food sprinkles that contain all these bad ingredients - this is the only flavor that isn't natural.

Fondant: Homemade without artificial ingredients, strange chemicals, hydrogenated oils, soy, animal products or preservatives and used to decorate your custom cakes, cookies and more. 

Nuts: We do not use anything with Peanuts in our kitchen or on our equipment and try our best to source peanut-free facilities for our ingredients when we can. We do use Coconut and Treenuts in our kitchen and although we are well-trained, we suggest those with extreme Nut Allergies to consume our products at their own discretion or not at all. 

Soy: marshmallows and white chocolate contain non-GMO soy

Corn Syrup:  We don't touch the stuff.