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Please submit an inquiry by filling out the form below in its entirety. Please note my blackout dates and that I am also closed every Sunday so you must pick up your order on Saturday the day before. No submission is guaranteed and is only confirmed by Cup My Cakez once payment is received.

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Week of October 31st will have Halloween themed treats available!


Good to know:


Don’t see something you used to? What you see listed is what we currently offer and we kindly + understandably do not accept requests for menu changes and substitutions - no exceptions.

Food dyes used for decorating and in our rainbow sprinkles are all natural so they may appear lighter in color than artificial colors and can vary season to season. I do not color match due to the nature of this medium. But know that if you ask for blue frosting, for example, we will give you a noticeably blue shade of frosting. The only exception to this is the sprinkles used in our Funfetti (Bad Girl Spri-Spri) flavor contain bright artificial colors.

Design: I have a signature style that uses our popular decorated sugar cookies as cake toppers & sometimes use minimal homemade sugar paste fondant adornments to achieve the looks . We do not cover cakes in fondant or make custom shapes.

Payment: depending on the order, a deposit or a full payment will be required prior to receiving your item. There is no refund once this is paid, although depending on the situation we may honor any paid amount to another order with us within the same calendar year. Multiple methods of payments are accepted and will be discussed once your order is confirmed.

Orders must be picked up on the date and time you select by you or someone picking up for you. Treat picking up your orders as you would any other appointment. My schedule and my other clients’ schedules rely on everyone showing up on time so please understand and respect that! No holds, no refunds, no exceptions.

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Preferred pick up date:
Currently accepting pick ups only from us in North Hollywood. We suggest consuming our products same day or within 24 hours when stored properly. We are closed Sundays so select the Saturday before's date and make sure you arrange to pick up on that Saturday NOT Sunday.
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