payment & policies

Orders & Payment

  • Orders should be placed as far in advance as possible as I tend to book up each weekend of the year. Usually two weeks will suffice but I suggest more advance notice if possible. For weddings no matter what the guest count I book out as early as a year in advance, so preferably reach out three months or more in advance. Again, these are all ideal time frames and my real suggestion is simply to reach out and ask for availability  - I love hearing from you and I'll try my best to accommodate you!

  • Unfortunately in the cake world I've experienced no-shows resulting in many wasted ingredients and hours worth of labor. To help cover at least my ingredient cost, I now make deposits non-refundable.

  • After we quote your order total the way you secure your order at that quoted price is by paying the non refundable deposit due via Venmo or PayPal ASAP (within 24 hours) as your order is only secured once we receive your deposit. The remaining balance is due at delivery.

  • Failure to pay deposit and-or failure to communicate with me in a timely manner may result in the booking being cancelled or being booked by someone who paid their deposit in a timely manner.

  • Totals of bounced or cancelled payments will be billed to you in addition to any fees or loss I incur.

  • Failure to provide remaining balance at delivery will result in Cup My Cakez withholding product until full payment has been made, refusal to supply product at all, my charging you an administration fee for inconveniencing Cup My Cakez and my other clients of the day and-or permanent banning from ordering from me in the future. 

cancellation policy

  • I understand that outside factors can sometimes result in cancellations so I will try my best to work with you, and I ask that you do your best to work with me. All cancellation requests must be made in writing in an email and have a response from Cup My Cakez acknowledging and accepting said request. Please write in the email headline "CANCELLATION" so I know to prioritize my response quicker. You must understand I make everything to order and get the freshest ingredients accordingly, so this is a major factor why I suggest placing orders well in advance to provide both you and I with enough cushion time in the event of a cancellation. 

  • Deposits are one-half of the total cost depending on the order. Unfortunately in the cake world I've experienced no-shows resulting in many wasted ingredients and hours worth of labor. To help cover at least my ingredients, I now make deposits non-refundable.

  • Cancellations made  4 weeks or more in advance prior to the agreed completion date will be fully refunded.

  • Cancellations made 1-3 weeks in advance prior to the agreed completion date will be fully refunded less the deposit.

  •  Cancellations made less than 1 week in advance prior to the agreed completion-delivery date will not be refunded at all as your order has already been prepped for. 

  • If you simply wish to move your date, you may request to transfer your deposit towards that new date as long as Cup My Cakez has the new date available. Date changes are subject to our availability and if we do not have your new date available, the above cancellation rules apply.

changing policies

  • My menu has taken years to formulate into a precise, functional system. What you see is what and how we offer items, no exceptions.

  • Cup My Cakez has the right to amend the original quoted price accordingly to reflect any changes in design, flavor, servings you may request. These requests are subject to my availability and capability. An administration fee may also be charged for any last minute changes. On the other hand,  Cup My Cakez may take initiative and make necessary changes for seasonal flavors or design giving no exact amount of notice to client. All designs are subject to Cup My Cakez artistic licensing and the client accepts this fact in placing their order. (don't worry, if you ask for a blue cake I wont surprise you with a yellow one, for example. My creative license means I have the final say to make sure the design looks good, as certain aspects or requests may not execute properly when I am  making your order).

administration fee

Please understand that I  aim to provide everyone with a high level of service and want you to  have the best possible experience with Cup My Cakez. However, excessive emailing, phone calls, extra requests for quotes or design changes may result in an administration fee being charged as it can unnecessarily take away time from myself and indirectly my other clients. Just know that I'm taking care of you, I promise!


Cup My Cakez loves helping make a difference so I make several donations to various organizations and events each year.  I book these in the first quarter and may have reached my quota by the time you inquire. Please understand that due to being a small business I cannot afford to make additional donations once I have met my year's quota. Try again next year!




Cup My Cakez will not be held responsible for any food allergies. Although we are completely wheat-gluten free, dairy free, egg free and do not use any peanut products, products may contain or come into contact with treenuts, soy, seeds, fruit, vegetables, spices and other possible allergens to you.  It is the client's responsibility to inform Cup My Cakez of ANY and ALL dietary restrictions or food allergies. We cannot fully do our job to create a safe experience for you if you refrain from stating allergies because you assume we wont use them in your order. NEVER ASSUME, always ask.

damage & liability

Once the  products leave Cup My Cakez's hands the responsibility and liability is lifted. Cup My Cakez offers paid delivery and set-up services for large orders to ensure your products are handled properly. If you choose to not utilize those services, Cup My Cakez will not be held responsible for any damage or mishandling of your products by you, your party, your venue or any other outside factor. 


Cup My Cakez ships decorated sugar cookies nationwide, when available to do so. These orders must be placed at least one month in advance and can only ship overnight or 2 day for freshness.

your consent

By placing an order with Cup My Cakez, you agree to the terms and conditions set out above.

By placing an order with Cup My Cakez, you give us consent to use photographs of your order, either taken by us or in a repost, on any of our social media outlets and in our printed portfolio. For your privacy, we wont state your name or tag your Social Media handle unless you ask us to.

Cup My Cakez may change these terms and conditions periodically, so it is your responsibility to check back on them every so often before your order date to ensure you are well informed. Failure on your part to do so will not be reason enough to hold Cup My Cakez accountable.